Today in the city Lacon 18.08.2017
Climate change will likely wreck their livelihoods – but they still don't buy the science

The small Louisiana town of Cameron could be the first in the US to be fully submerged by rising sea levels – and yet locals, 90% of whom voted for Trump, still aren’t convinced about climate changeIn...

A NASCAR Caper Comedy Fueled By Thick Southern Accents: 'Logan Lucky'

Steven Soderbergh's return to filmmaking after a brief hiatus features strong chemistry between its two leads, a great cast, and the faint whiff of condescension.

Kansas F Dedric Lawson Accused of Walking out on Bar Tab; Denies Allegations

Kansas forward Dedric Lawson has denied an allegation he skipped out on an $88 bar tab in his hometown of Memphis.  According to a police report obtained by Fox 13, a waitress said...

James Bond needs Daniel Craig more than Daniel Craig needs James Bond

After months of hemming and hawing, Daniel Craig finally made it official: Yes, he's coming back for another Bond movie. But should he have? SEE ALSO: Daniel Craig will return as Bond for a 5th and fi...

This Crowdfunded Experiment Offers A Lesson For Monsanto On Transparency

Hits to Monsanto's credibility raise important questions about transparency. Enter one citizen science experiment.

Louisiana Deficit Plans: Cut List Devised for Possible Gap

If Louisiana's income projections come up short this year, safety-net hospitals, public colleges and local sheriffs housing state prisoners could take cuts.

Steven Soderbergh returns from 'retirement' to amuse himself with 'Logan Lucky'

Slick, smart, impeccably executed, "Logan Lucky" is a highbrow heist movie involving some lowbrow folks. If it verges on being a little too pleased with itself for its own good, that's an acceptable p...

Will Steven Soderbergh's strategy of bypassing the studio system for 'Logan Lucky' pay off?

With 'Logan Lucky,' Steven Soderbergh has come out of retirement for a comeback movie. He's also trying to shake up the film business with an unusual distribution model.

Louisiana's Favorite Crustacean, Invasive in Michigan

News that Louisiana's favorite crustacean has turned up as an invasive species in Michigan prompted a local tourism agency to create a pop-up crawfish festival in Michigan.

Police: Couple Passed Out in Hospital, Face Drug Charges

Police say a Louisiana hospital patient and his wife were found unconscious with needles still in their arms and now face charges.

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